New Arrival: Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads!

I absolutely love bookstores, but one thing I love more is a good book sale! I picked up Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads at a wonderful used book sale and I’m so excited to make something from it!

This cookbook is huge, which is promising because it’s full of bread recipes! I chose it because it had a lot of recipes and because each recipe states how long each step should take the baker. In my opinion, that’s an amazing feature because it not only allows for one to start their bread at a convenient time, but it also helps with knowing what the dough should look like at the end of each step. For example, books that just say something along the lines of, “Knead until smooth” don’t help the reader (or me, at least) know how long they should be kneading their bread. However, Clayton states exactly how long kneading should take you! (Which is extremely convenient and important.)

The book also has a wide variety of recipes – from brown bread to potato bread to tea loaves to kulich, a Russian Easter loaf! The variety will definitely make this cookbook an interesting read!

My one disappointment with this book is that it has almost no photographs. There are a few illustrations, but that’s it. However, the instructions are detailed, so I’ll probably be fine when I bake with this new book!

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